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My name is Blair. I'm a Full Stack Developer based in Toronto. I sometimes do interesting things.
Arduino Wifly Mini
The Arduino Wifly Mini is controlled with a PS3 or XBOX360 controller, or with a Logitech G27 steering wheel. It features a first person view and force feedback.
NodeJS App: Startup on Linux Boot
Here's a quick way to get your NodeJS app running on boot-up.
Keycard-operated Vending Machine
This vending machine doesn't take cash or credit. Instead, it reads your building-access RFID keycard.
Risking Boredom
Words by Christopher Hitchens
Why Christin Milloy's piece in Slate is important.
MySQL Query: Exclude Category
Needed to exclude Wordpress posts in a particular category using a MySQL query. This is what I came up with.
Switched to Node
I've switched the blog over to a NodeJS drone.
Barbara Jane Swift
Barbara Jane Swift [nee Brodie]. November 18th, 1959 - February 1st, 2014.
High-Flying Show of Support for the Leafs
I spotted a show of support for the Toronto Maple Leafs in an interesting spot.
Excited Leafs Fans
A huge crowd gathers in Maple Leaf Square to watch the Leafs-Bruins game.
On a Garbage Run with Doug
Doug and I use the dunebuggy to take the garbage out.
Boys vs. Girls: Sound Effects
The question was asked, "who can make better sound effects, boys or girls?" The makers of this video aim to find out.
"It's about choices."
In this clip, Martin Amis talks about his novel Money. "It's about choices, isn't it?"
I Used Sugru to Fix My Hitachi
The formable, air-curing rubber did a good job of fixing my drill.
Truck Reassembly Timelapse
I re-assemble a Traxxas Summit from near-scratch.
Truss Timelapse
I decided to do a timelapse of us raising the last several trusses in my buddy's garage project. I got a pretty neat angle.
Raising the Roof
We had to come up with a way to get the trusses onto the beams.
Hail in Cardston
I'm in Cardston, Alberta, visiting in-laws. Yesterday Jess and I went to Waterton national park and decided to stay longer than planned. Good thing we did: Cardston was subject to a brief but destructive storm, with hail larger than the size of golf balls.
Why Wifly?
I recently gave an interview through email to master's student Julia Eichler, studying at the London College of Communication, on why I chose the Wifly module for the Arduino Wifly Mini, what other communication methods I would like to try, and advice for anyone starting a similar RF communications project.
Controller Maps
Controller maps for PS3, Xbox360, G27 Steering Wheel and Logitech F510 Rumblepad when using Processing's ProControll Library.
Arduino Wifly Mini: Arduino Code
Code for the Arduino Wifly Mini, Arduino side.
Arduino Wifly Mini: Processing Code
Code for the Arduino Wifly Mini, Processing side.
A Wii Power Supply Problem
Is your Wii power supply acting up? Have a look at this before you take it apart or buy a new one.
First Impressions: Chris Hedges
After deconstructing the first words I ever heard the man speak, I would use terms such as "intellectually dishonest," "easily bruised" and "contents under pressure" to describe Chris Hedges.
Resize Images with PHP
Here's a PHP function to resize a .jpg or .png file.
Get Attachment ID from Source URL
If you need to get an attachment ID from the source URL, use this function.
I attempt to get some shots of lightning.
Changing an EGR Valve
I changed the EGR valve on my 2001 Saturn SC2 so that it could pass its emissions test, and I could save a bit of money.
Tales of Two Cities
Preview to New Orleans After Katrina, Episode 1. Join Professor Stephen Svenson and students from three Universities as they investigate the dominant attitudes prevalent in New Orleans, after Katrina.
Easy Way to Open A Coconut
Get the First Image from a Post in Wordpress
How to pull the first image from a post in Wordpress using PHP.
Exclude a Category from your RSS Feed in Wordpress
How to exclude certain categories from your Wordpress blog's RSS feed. Also, a note on Google Reader
Mob Justice
An important lesson to glean from the case of Ashley Kirilow.
jQuery: Jittery slideDown Animation
Are your jQuery animations jittery? Mine were, and this is how I fixed the problem.
I experiment with a D90, SB900, and two pocket wizards.
Drive & Trek: Somewhere between St. John's & Renews, Newfoundland
We set out on another trek. This time, we hopped in the car and started driving toward Renews, Newfoundland.
Trail walking: Signal Hill
Mike, Jess, and I decided to go on a hike around Signal Hill in St. John's, Newfoundland.
On a Walk: Heart's Delight
On a walk in Heart's Delight, Newfoundland
I've got the internet again. And a kitchen table, complete with camping chairs.
St. John's
Now that I'm here in Newfoundland, I've got to shift my focus, and concentrate quite intensely on getting a job.
At the Moment: Corner Brook
I'm in Corner Brook.
Sailing on the Atlantic Vision
I'm on a boat.
Coffin Survives Test Run
Car-top carrier appears secure.
May: Month of Moving
I've been working on moving everything from my apartment to my parents house (as a temporary storage area) for an entire month now.
132 k
One night, Mike and I decided we would walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls, and videotape it.
Dawkins on Q&A, 08-03-10
Say what you want about Richard Dawkins, but don't tell me he skirts questions like Senator Fielding
DieHard Battery vs. Reggie Watts
Here's Reggie doing his thing in a die hard commercial. Fantastic, as usual.
The Climate Debate
on another issue, here's the first video in a series of reports on the climate debate that seems to be raging all 'round us.
Those First, Small Steps...
It's an image which shows the Eagle lunar lander sitting exactly as it did the day the astronauts left it.
You Dot Net (you.net) - Secure Social Networking
(Essay for MM3B03 @ McMaster). Not quite a decade ago, the internet was very much understood to be about people getting connected to websites of special interest, business, or both. These sites had very little in the way of interactivity, and so the web was perceived to be, by and large, a static environment...